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General question

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  • What's my order number?
    For each Dear Filter order that you place, you receive a unique order number. You can quote the order number for all your purchase-related questions.

    You can check your inbox or check to see if the mail is in the trash.
  • Why haven't I received my filters?

    Sorry for the delivery delay, Please tell me your order number, and I will help you check it. then we will refund or reship asap.

  • How to place an order?

    It is easy to place an order at Dear Filter

    Add the item to your shopping cart

    Proceed to check out

    Check out with your Paypal or fill in your email and shipping address, then continue to the shipping method

    Continue to the payment method

    Complete order

  • Is my personal information kept secured?

    All payment and shipping data presented by our clients is kept secure and classified. Only approved personnel have access to this data.

  • How to pay with credit card when the payment failure?

    The main problem with credit card payment failure is that your credit card has been frequently refunded.

    It is recommended to use PayPal, we have professional customer service to help you complete the order.

  • The new water filter has less water than the original water filter.

    Install the water filter after it is filled with water, and it is normal to filter out 2-4 gallons of water.


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  • How can I update/edit my shipping or billing address details?

    Go to ‘My Account’ and click on ‘Edit’ at the address tab to enter your new address.

  • How do I make an account?

    To create your very own DearFilter Online Account, follow these simple instructions:

    • Click on the ‘Sign In’ button on the top right-hand corner of the home page
    • Click on the ‘Create an Account’ button at the bottom of the screen
  • Is an account necessary for placing an order?

    Although you can order as a guest, having a DearFilter account will enhance your shopping experience by keeping you up to date with newsletters, storing your billing/shipping information, and ensuring faster checkouts.

  • What if I forget my password?

    In the event of a forgotten password, simply:

    1. Click on ‘Forgot Password’ on the sign-in page

    2. Enter your email address

    3. Click on the link sent to you at your email address

    4. Enter your new password

  • Where can I view my order history?

    Your order history will be available on your Dashboard on your Account page


4 articles in this Topic

  • Is my personal information kept secured?

    All payment and shipping data presented by our clients is kept secure and classified. Only approved personnel have access to this data.

  • What are cookies and why should I know about them?

    A cookie is a small text file that is saved to, and, during subsequent visits, retrieved from your computer or mobile device.

    We use cookies to enhance and simplify your visit. We do not use cookies to store personal information or to disclose information to third parties but rather to store your choice of start page and to store your details.

    Session cookies are used when you apply product filtration and to check if you are logged in. You can easily erase cookies from your computer or mobile device using your browser.

  • Why is it mandatory to give personal information?

    Customer information pertaining to name, card billing details, and shipping addresses are necessary to process any electronic transactions via credit/debit cards. These are essential inputs into fraud detection mechanisms.

  • Will I receive online security email every time I place an order with you?

    Although online security is implied for each order and the confirmation procedure is one-time for account information, if you are utilizing a different debit/credit card, your request will be subjected to online security confirmation once more.

Shipping & Delivery

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  • Can I change the shipping address for my order?

    We will be happy to change the shipping address for your order! Please email our Customer Care team by clicking HERE with your order number and the updated address ASAP, as we are only able to make changes to your order if it has not yet entered the packing process.

    Unfortunately we are also unable to change your shipping address from a domestic US address to an International address, or from an International address to a domestic US address.

    Please note that changes to your order may be limited during periods of high order volume, including launches and promotions.

  • Can I or my own courier pick up my order from your warehouse?

    We are unable to offer a pickup because we are trying to ensure that you receive your goods as soon as possible by limiting its delivery mechanisms.

    Offering a pick-up service would complicate our logistics process and delay delivery time for all customers.

  • Do you provide combine shipping service?

    We are unable to provide combined shipping at this stage.

  • How do I change the shipping method?

    In the event that you wish to change the shipping address after placing an order, please contact our Customer Service

    Department at support@dearfilter.com as early as possible during the order processing stage to indicate your request.

    If the package has not been dispatched yet, we will be able to ship it to the new address.

    However, if the package has already been shipped, then the shipping information will not be able to be changed while the package is in transit.

  • How long will it take to receive my order?

    Generally, it will take 1-2 business days for us to prepare the package.

    After that, it will take 2-8 business days for shipping.

  • My package says delivered, but I didn’t receive it.

    Sometimes UPS/USPS/FedEx tracking information can be incorrect, and packages are marked as delivered before they actually arrive – oops! Your package will most likely be delivered within a few days, but it’s great to check with your neighbors and/or post office for more information in the meantime!

    If you do not receive your order in a couple of days, please email our Customer Care team, within 14 days of the last tracking update, with your order number and tracking information so that we may assist you further! :)

  • The logistics showed acceptance, but haven’ t receive the package.

    Please check if your family or neighbors have signed for you, please contact our customer service after you confirmed not been signed.

Warranty & Return

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  • Return Policy

    Unfortunately, due to the low-cost nature of our products, we are unable to offer refunds, returns, or exchanges. All sales are final. DearFilter reserves the right to refuse any returns at any time.

    *At this time, our return policy has been updated to allow customers to cancel all unshipped orders at any time for a full refund. If you wish to cancel or have any questions, please contact customer service here.

  • I need my refund redirected to a different account.

    So sorry for the issue! Unfortunately, we are only able to issue a refund to the original point of purchase for the order. Please reach out to your bank for more information on how to reroute the funds to the correct account.

  • I have received my item but it is damaged, what should I do?


    Please follow the procedures for making a warranty claim and returning a product.

  • How to deal with the products damaged by logistics that have just been signed?

    Please contact us via email ASAP by taking images of the courier number and product.

    We will follow up and handle your feedback.

  • How do I process a return?



    Please contact our customer service at  support@dearfilter.com.

    Please give us a detailed description of the issue as well as a photograph of the faulty product.

    We normally respond within 48 hours.

    Do not return the product until we have finished the process.

  • Can I cancel or change my order once the order is confirmed?

    You may cancel or cancel your order before payment. Orders are normally processed immediately after check out.

    If you wish to change or cancel your order, be sure to email our support as soon as you can. Once the order has been shipped, you may not change or cancel your order.


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  • What kinds of payments are accepted?


    We accept the following forms of secure payment:
    (1) PayPal
    (2) Credit card via Paypal (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc.)
    (3) Credit Card Directly

  • Paypal Payment failed/ Error code

    When a payment fails, please inform us of the error code or error message and leave us your email.

    We will get back to you ASAP via email.

  • Payment Issues



    Please see below payment error codes that may appear if your order is unsuccessful:

    9901 – Refer to Issuer

    9902 – Unable To Route Transaction

    9904 – Pick Up Card

    9905 – Do Not Honour/Declined

    9906 - Error

    9907 - Pick Up Card, Special

    9909 - Request In Progress

    9912 - Invalid Transaction

    9913 - Invalid Dollar Amount

    9914 - Invalid Card Number

    9915 - No such issuer

    9919 - Re-enter Last Transaction

    9930 - Form Error

    9933 - Expired Card

    9936 - Restricted Card

    9938 - PIN Tries Exceeded

    9939 - No Credit Account

    9940 - Function Not Supported

    9941 - Lost Card

    9943 - Stolen Card

    9951 - Insufficient Funds

    9952 - No Cheque Account

    9953 - No Savings Account

    9954 - Expired Card

    9955 - Incorrect PIN

    9956 - System Error

    9957 - Function Not Permitted to Cardholder

    9958 - Function Not Permitted to Terminal

    9959 - Suspected Fraud

    9960 - Acceptor Contact Acquirer

    9961 - Exceeds Withdrawal Limit

    9962 - Restricted Card

    9963 - Security Violation

    9965 - Exceeds frequency limit

    9966 - Acceptor Contact Acquirer, Security

    9967 - Capture Card

    9968 - Time out

    9975 - PIN Tries Exceeded

    9982 - CVV Validation Error

    9991 - Card Issuer Error

    9992 - Unable To Route Transaction

    9993 - Cannot Complete, Violation Of The Law

    9994 - Duplicate Transaction

    9999 - PIN Error

    99YX - Card Bin not allow DCC transaction

    99YY - Card Bin allow DCC transaction

    99N7 - CSC Validation Error


    Please contact our support team here - Contact Us

  • It looks like you charged me twice for my order.

    If your credit card was declined when you first tried to place your order, you’ll see a pending transaction in your account. Don’t fret! We do not capture funds for declined transactions, and this charge will automatically drop off your statement within a few business days.

  • How to pay with a credit card when the payment fails?

    The main problem with credit card payment failure is that your credit card has been frequently refunded.

    It is recommended to use PayPal, we have professional customer service to help you complete the order.

  • How do I use PayPal to pay for my order?


    Once you are prompted to enter your payment information during checkout, please select the PayPal option, shown below:


  • How do I know if my payment has been received?

    Once your payment has been received, we will send you a notification email to inform you about the order.

    You can also visit DearFilter.com and log into your customer account to check the order status at any time.

    If DearFilter.com has received payment, the order status will show "Processing".

  • Credit Card Payment failed/ Error code

    When a payment fails, please inform us of the error code or error message and leave us your email.

    We will get back to you ASAP via email or live chat.