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Where is the Water Filter on a Refrigerator?

by Dearfilter - Updated 2023-02-08 18:30:32

Most refrigerators have their frigidaire eptwfu01 in the grille at the fridge's base or the backside on the upper-right corner of the fridge's interior. Regardless of the location, a button/knob releases the filter when it has to be removed. All you need to do is lift the filter door upwards and pull the filter out before disposing of it.



Refrigerator water filters help to clean water by trapping and neutralizing contaminants. The water then flows through the fridge's dispenser/ ice maker. Ideally, the filter has a porous material containing activated carbon which absorbs harmful contaminants. Over time, this material loses its effectiveness necessitating a filter replacement.

Replace the water filter every 6 months to uphold the filter's efficiency. There are instances where you may need to replace the water filter sooner. For instance, when you notice foreign particles in your water or when your water changes its taste. A timely change ensures the filter maintains its capacity to trap sediments and properly purify water for safe consumption.


Types of Whirlpool Refrigerators


There are several models and designs of whirlpool fridges. These variations influence the fridge's functionality and convenience, with each refrigerator having a specific filter location that best suits the model and type. Below are the models and the matching filters' locations.

•  French 3-Door model: The filter on this model is located on the back, grille, or upper right corner inside the fridge.

•  Side by Side model: The filter can be found on the grille, at the back, or on the inside of the fridge at the right corner

•  Under the Counter model: The water filter is located at the grille

•  Bottom freezer model: The water filter can be found at the back, on the bottom on the left corner of the grille, or at the top[ right corner of the fridge's interior.

•  French 4-door model: The filter is found on the upper right side inside the fridge or the back

•  Top freezer model: The filter cartridge is mounted on the back, on the grille's lower left side, or the upper right corner inside the fridge


Common Water Filter Locations


The filter's location depends on the shape, size, and location of the fridge's compartments. The common Whirlpool refrigerator water filter location is:

•  The Top Right: This is the upper right corner of the fridge compartment.

•  Top left: This is the upper left corner of the refrigerator compartment

•   Left Lower Grille: This is found behind the kick-grill under the fridge, usually on the left-hand side.

•   Bottom Center: The filter is found at the bottom of the fridge compartment, usually between the drawers.


How to Locate the Water Filter


Locating your refrigerator’s water filter is the first step in the replacement or installation process of a new water filter. These tips will help you when determining the location of your fridge’s water filter.

Consider the model of your fridge

Each whirlpool fridge model has a different water filter location which you must confirm

Check for the filter at the fridge base grille at the bottom or inside the fridge in the upper right corner for most fridges.

Most fridges will have a filter icon/ indicator light on (it turns red) as a sign to signify the need to change the filter cartridge. The red lights come on before the filter's capacity is depleted.

Confirm the exact location of the filter on the fridge manual if the above suggestions fail to work. Follow the prompts in the manual to locate the filter.


How to Replace the Water Filter


Fridge water dispensers should have the filter replaced after six months or after 500 gallons of water have been filtered through them. Follow whichever of the two comes first.

The filter gets depleted after some time and ceases to work efficiently. When this happens, it is essential to have the old filters replaced or swapped with newer ones. To do this:

•  Find the filter's location. Consult the manual if you have to

•  Prep by placing a towel under the filter or on the floor outside the fridge door

•  You should have removed all food and items stored in the fridge to ensure they stay safe when dealing with the filter.

•  Turn off the ice maker if the refrigerator comes with one

•  Turn off the water supply if this does not happen automatically when removing the filter. Older fridges may not have the automatic feature found in modern models.

•  If the filter is on the grille, press down the button (the release lever/button) on the left side of the filter and pull the filter out.

•  If the filter does not have a button, turn it counterclockwise to release it and allow easy removal. You may need to push it inside to force it out.

•  If you have trouble removing the filter, press harder to release it.

•  Install the new filter depending on the model's needs. Some filters have a cap that needs to be removed from the older filter and fixed on the new one.

•  Push the new filter in or turn it clockwise to secure it. If it has a button, click the filter into place

•  Ensure the new filter is placed just as the old one was, and confirm that it's firmly secured to avoid water leaks.

•  Flush the water out before safely drinking from the dispenser. You need to flash about 4 gallons of water, and only then should you turn on the ice maker.

• Newer fridge models have a water filter button that lights up whenever the filter needs to be changed. Switch this button on if your fridge has it.




Your Whirlpool refrigerator water filter is either on the top or the base, at the grille of your refrigerator. Once you find it during a replacement procedure, you should only install a quality filter like the Dearfilter. Check Dearfilter w10413645a filter 2 to find one that is best suited for your Whirlpool refrigerator model.


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